Why Veil? - 4" x 6" Cards (Pack of 10)

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Have you always wanted a short, easy way to explain veiling to those who ask? Do you want to help spread information and dispel rumors about veiling? 

Our beautiful, new, FREE 4" x 6" cards printed on glossy cardstock are the perfect way to share with your friends, family, priests, and parish the meaning behind the veil. Leave them in the information rack at your parish or Adoration Chapel, or hand them out at your mom's group, retreat, or Bible study group. Help us invite the world to "Rediscover Reverence" in the presence of our God in the Holy Eucharist!

2 cards are available:

"Why Do Catholic Women Wear Veils at Mass?" is meant to explain this tradition briefly to those who are unfamiliar with it and includes a quote from St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church. The front features a beautiful photo of our Authentic Spanish Seville Mantilla.

"Are You Considering Veiling at Mass" is primarily targeted at women who may already know about veiling and are thinking about wearing a veil at Mass. The front features a reverent photo of a veiled, kneeling woman receiving Holy Communion.

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  • 5
    Cards why we should consider wearing a veil to Mass

    Posted by Mary on 21st Mar 2024

    Greetings, I bought some cards to explain why women today in the Catholic Church should reconsider wearing a veil to Mass. The cards I got did an excellent job in conveying the rationale and I’ve already given several away to members of my parish. Thank you and God bless.

  • 5
    Why Veil? Information cards

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Oct 2023

    Nicely presented cards with good information about why women veil at Mass. They make an excellent way to share the message.

  • 5
    Why Veil cards

    Posted by Anne Martina on 30th Mar 2023

    With beautiful words, this card focuses on the Sacred, on the Blessed Sacrament. the Real Presence I am one of two women who wear a veil while in church. This beautiful card may encourage more. How we need the reverence!

  • 5
    Why Veil? Cards

    Posted by Sharon S on 17th Mar 2023

    Explains veiling perfectly & the reasons behind it.

  • 5
    We Veil The Sacred

    Posted by Suzanne on 30th Dec 2022

    Excellent information as to why women should veil when in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. I have been placing these cards on a table at Church and have noticed women reading them.

  • 5
    Great Resource

    Posted by Kte on 13th Dec 2022

    I receive many questions about why I veil and I love having these cards to best explain why I do what I do.

  • 5
    Why Veil cards

    Posted by Mary Mitchell on 30th Nov 2022

    So important to this ministry and educational for women just beginning to wonder about wearing the veil.

  • 5
    Nice to have for free

    Posted by Carol Dye on 28th Oct 2022

    Nice free information

  • 5
    Why do Catholic Women Veil at Mass? cards

    Posted by Roseanne on 2nd Sep 2022

    These are great cards with a nice picture on the front. I have been leaving some cards in all the churches and chapels I visit. Hopefully, more women will become interested in wearing the veil.