Parish Starter Set: 4 Mocha, 4 Black, 4 Off-White Starter Veils

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Parish Starter Set

Help us promote veiling in your parish, prayer group, or retreat!

We have heard from countless women who were initially unsure about veiling but who say it "just felt right" when they finally tried it. Since we know that it takes a leap of faith just to order a veil, you can now make it easier for other women to give veiling a try! 

The Starter Veils are our all-time bestselling veils, the most popular among women for their softness, simplicity, available colors, and affordability.

This set includes a total of 12 Starter Veils: 4 Mocha, 4 Black, and 4 Off-White for women to choose their preferred color. Each veil comes with a loose mini-comb snap clip that may be used with the teeth through the lace or sewn in underneath. 

Through May 1 only, the first 30 orders of this set will receive a free copy of the beautifully written booklet The Chapel Veil: Symbol of the Spouse of Christ by Elizabeth Black and Emily Sparks.