Women Who Wear Veils By Lily

Women Who Wear Veils by Lily: Moriah"I have been veiling for one month now and I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this decision has been for me on my spiritual journey.  I began veiling due to theological reasons, but the peace, the sense of closeness to our Lord while in his presence, and the overall power of the Holy Spirit has made my choice to veil while in the presence of our Lord the best choice possible.  I am able to stay focused so much better while in Church.  I am much more respectful while in Church, and I even listen more actively to the Word during mass.  What better reminder could one ask for of the presence of our Lord then to wear a beautiful veil of humility and reverence.  Since I began veiling it has caused me to think about the sacredness of all aspects of the mass.  For that reason I have also began to kneel while receiving the Holy Eucharist on the tongue instead of standing and receiving in my hands.  My decision to veil myself before our Lord has been a truly blessed decision for myself and I couldn't be happier with the beautiful veil I received from Veils by Lily as my first veil:).  May the Lord Bless all those who are discerning whether or not to wear the veil before our Lord.  - Moriah"

Moriah ordered one of our Spanish Mantillas.

kilw131-2.jpg"Dear Lily, My daughter was married in June in the Cathedral in our little town of Gallup. The Nuptial Mass was celebrated in the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Mass (1st time for a Latin Mass at the Cathedral in over 35 years). She called you just a few weeks before her wedding wanting veils for her Bridesmaids (a few had their own). You were so nice and got them to her in plenty of time. The girls looked beautiful and I thought I would share a photo with you, photo by "Tsosie Photo". Thank you for helping make her wedding everything she wanted. Kitty Mason :)"

Pictured are one Short White Floral Lace Mantilla (bridesmaid in purple with pearl necklace) and three of our Limited Edition Veils (bridesmaids in pink and salmon).


 Jenny debuted her Short Ivory Floral Lace Mantilla on Pentecost Sunday.


Our Lady of Fatima

 Cammie's husband recently ordered a new veil for her as a birthday present, and she reports from her blog:

I have to say, this is giving my favorite veil (the gold one!) a run for its money! You can probably guess where it came from! I will admit that as an almost subtle hint when I knew he was birthday shopping I opened a few windows to veils I liked and let him use my computer (and may have mentioned my love for the veils on the screen...). He picked one (that wasn't one of the ones I'd shown him) that he thought would look the best and I have to admit, he did a great job!


 Veils by Lily make beautiful bridesmaids' veils! Short floral lace mantillas are especially suited for formal up-dos. Many thanks to Susannah for this beautiful photo.

Cammie featured a review of Veils by Lily on her blog and was the very first to wear the Long Gold Floral Lace Mantilla! She is also a big fan of the sewn-in comb.

"I can't say enough about this veil! It's the perfect color and the perfect length! And because of the comb that Lily sewed at the crown of the veil, it actually stays in place.

"I also absolutely love the color. I may have worried a little too much about the color of the chapel veils that I've worn in the past, so I was thrilled to receive a veil in a color I'd dreamt of wearing. I always felt a little too bridal in my white veil (although I'm sure I'll still wear my white veil now and then). And I've had people tell me that my black veil used to be reserved for widows (that observation usually accompanies one that says the white veil is for unmarried women)."


"The veils I ordered are truly beautiful. Ordered one for myself and one as a gift... Your service was exceptional. I paid extra (small price) to get them in time before I travel. The packaging is first class, great for a gift. Thanks again."

- Linda, CO

"I have received my veils today!  I am PLEASED AND DELIGHTED with the workmanship and the quality of the materials. These veils feel good to wear and look beautiful in the pattern of lace and in how they drape. Your beautiful work has exceeded my expectations and even the excellent pictures on your web site (in my opinion). My only regret is that I did not find you in time to make my wedding veil!  I intend to give your veils as gifts now that I have enough to get me by for a while!
"Thank you for devoting your creative efforts to this beautiful devotion for our Lord. And thank you for the CD included with my order. "
- Christine, Dallas, TX