New Mini-Comb Snap Clips



First, a confession. Two weeks ago, I had no idea how these nifty little mini-comb snap clips worked. A couple of sweet customers sent me some a while back so I could see for myself how great they were, but I didn't know they actually... snapped!

Mini-comb snap clips

They are 1 1/4 inches wide, so you don't need more than one to hold your veil securely in place, but they're still barely noticeable.

The silicone strip keeps them from going anywhere, even with just a little bit of hair. Really - I tried them on my 12-month-old, who has almost no hair, and they worked!

Best of all, with these small, secure clips, you won't get any weird bumps on your veil:

Spanish Floral Mantilla with Mini-Comb Snap ClipWe will sew one on your veil for only $3.50, or you may request one with your veil purchase for FREE to sew at home.

UPDATE: You can also use them with the teeth through the tulle without sewing them in. I tried this on Sunday - in the hurry out the door for Mass I didn't have time to sew one into my black veil.

And since I figured I might not be the only one who didn't know how these work, here is a short video (2:43) so you can see for yourself:


Current sewn-in comb options:

1. Individual comb (free with your veil purchase or $0.75 for extras) - a 3" comb you may sew at home once you receive your veil.

2. Individual mini-comb snap clip (free with your veil purchase, or $0.50 for extras) - I recommend sewing it at least 2 inches from the front edge of the veil to eliminate bumps. Or, you can put the teeth through the tulle and use it without sewing it in.

Mini-comb snap clip






3. Sewn-in mini-comb clip ($3.50) 

4. Sewn-in 3" plastic comb ($7.00)

5. Sewn-in 3" metal comb ($7.00)





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