French Rose Mantillas

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French Rose Mantillas in Ballet
Emerald Green

New for December 2017, our new French Rose Mantillas feature true French lace, a delicate floral pattern with a beautiful wider border all the way around, and slightly longer length in the back. Available in black and off-white. Approximately 45" across by 20-21" front to back.

Protect your mantilla with a soft satin bag.

Get more information about sewn-in combs and clips.

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    French Rose Mantillas

    Posted by Rachel on 9th Apr 2018

    It's is a beautiful rose color and hangs wonderful. It is so light it hardly feels like you are wearing it.

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    A super amazing veil

    Posted by Veronica on 4th Apr 2018

    I have only used this veil so far a couple of times so far for like days in the church where white (my other veil) wouldn't be appropriate like good friday. It has a diffe rent feel but it is so beautiful. Love my veil by lily

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    Different texture than other French mantillas

    Posted by Holly Ordway on 30th Jan 2018

    The design is lovely, but I was disappointed to find that the veil material is different from the other French mantillas (Floral, Garden, etc.). Lily confirmed that these come from a different maker. The material is a bit stiffer and shinier, and has a more slippery feel, than the other French ones. It is more like the Spanish mantilla material. I ended up returning it, because this texture of veil doesn't cling to my hair or drape the way the other French ones do. So, a very pretty design, but different material, which may or may not matter depending on your preferences.

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    I guess someone has to be first

    Posted by Michaela on 23rd Jan 2018

    It's a pretty lace, though in black on dark hair the pattern doesn't show up much. I'm short (5'2"), so it's biggish on me, settles a little past the top of my shoulders, but I don't find it overwhelmingly big. There's a handy little row of flowers running down the center, so it's easy to put the veil on my head symmetrically.