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Vintage Gold Triangle Mantillas

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Vintage Gold Triangle Mantillas
Ivory & Gold

New for May 2018 are two different versions of this beautiful, soft, vintage gold mantilla with a triangle shape and rounded back. Both with a lovely but subtle shimmer, one features a scalloped front edge with gold trim on the back edge and the second features a gold trim all the way around. 

Mantilla with scalloped front edge with gold-trimmed back edge: measures approximately 49" across by 23.5" front to back.

Mantilla with gold-trimmed front and back edges: measures approximately 48" across by 23" front to back.

We strongly recommend a comb or clip for the version with the scalloped front edge, as it is back-heavy and tends to slip. Get more information about sewn-in combs and clips.

Protect your mantilla with a soft satin bag.