Women Who Wear Veils by Lily: Moriah

Posted on July 2, 2014  |  COMMENT

Women Who Wear Veils by Lily: MoriahMany thanks to Moriah, who sent me this beautiful photo and testimony of what it has meant to her to veil in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist!

Moriah writes:

I have been veiling for one month now and I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this decision has been for me on my spiritual journey.  I began veiling due to theological reasons, but the peace, the sense of closeness to our Lord while in his presence, and the overall power of the Holy Spirit has made my choice to veil while in the presence of our Lord the best choice possible.  I am able to stay focused so much better while in Church.  I am much more respectful while in Church, and I even listen more actively to the Word during mass.  What better reminder could one ask for of the presence of our Lord then to wear a beautiful veil of humility and reverence.  Since I began veiling it has caused me to think about the sacredness of all aspects of the mass.  For that reason I have also began to kneel while receiving the Holy Eucharist on the tongue instead of standing and receiving in my hands.  My decision to veil myself before our Lord has been a truly blessed decision for myself and I couldn't be happier with the beautiful veil I received from Veils by Lily as my first veil:).  May the Lord Bless all those who are discerning whether or not to wear the veil before our Lord.

Moriah ordered the Authentic Spanish Medallion Mantilla.




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