Black & Silver Metallic Chantilly Infinity Veil

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Black and Silver Metallic Chantilly Infinity Veil

Available in metallic black & silver, this Chantilly lace infinity veil features metallic accents on soft black netting, narrow black scalloped trim on one edge and beautiful metallic scallops on the other for two different looks. Slightly heavier than the standard Chantilly veils, this mantilla drapes beautifully. It can be worn as part of your outfit outside of church and slipped over the head when entering.

Measures approximately 20" long folded.

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    The three veils I have ordered

    Posted by Mary E Thoma on 18th Apr 2019

    The quality of the workmanship of all three items is outstanding. They are incredibly beautiful. I know I will enjoy them for the rest of my life in this world!

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    Lovely and not as showy as it seems

    Posted by Julie Stewart on 3rd Jan 2019

    Since veils are worn for modesty, it would be self-defeating to wear a veil that attracted attention, right? So for years, I stayed away from shiny or bright veils on the theory that dull colors were more modest. I have let go of that idea somewhat, partially because I am getting older and am past the age when anyone would think I was dressing for attention, and partially because there are just so many gorgeous veils available. If the Lord created infinite varieties of flowers and birds and so many other beautiful things, why would he want us just to go to Mass looking forlorn and drab in the same black veil for 20 years? It's a question many of us probably wrestle with, and ultimately it is up to each one of us, but I think it's lovely to wear a gorgeous veil to Holy Mass. Why not? I wear my best clothes and shoes for His honor. Why not wear a lovely veil?

    Anyway, this one is a real treasure. Because of the evident quality, it does not look cheap despite being metallic. It's soft, not stiff, and drapes very well. Very highly recommended for any woman or girl of any age.

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    Great Veil for a Beginner

    Posted by aylaanne on 29th Dec 2018

    I got this veil second-quality when I decided to start officially veiling for Mass. I have no idea what first-quality would be since I find the veil to be flawless, but I thank Lily for her generosity in allowing me to purchase this on sale.

    I bought the veil without combs as I was unsure how I would want them attached, or if I would want them attached at all. I now wish I had gotten a comb to make me feel more secure but honestly this fabric is so light that it sits on top of my head just fine without the comb.

    I also thought at first that there was too much material, but I like how long it is in the back and I appreciate how it helps keep my clothing appropriate for Mass.

    I'll definitely be buying more veils as my budget allows, but this is an excellent way to start my collection. Thank you, Lily.

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    Black & Silver Metallic Chantilly Infinity Veil

    Posted by Jennifer on 29th Aug 2018

    The picture does not do this veil justice, it is absolutely beautiful.

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    Black and Silver Infinity veil

    Posted by Joanne boone on 28th Jul 2018

    I love it, it’s going to be my Midnight Mass veil. I haven’t worn one since I was a young girl. But as soon as I put in on I got a tremendous sense of nostalgia and reverence.

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    Beautiful and easy to use

    Posted by Amanda Gilliland on 22nd Apr 2018

    I got the infinity veil so that on my way in and out of mass I could wear it like a scarf, but during mass I could put it on easily. The design is beautiful and I've gotten several compliments when I've worn it.

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    Beautiful veil, purchase clip!

    Posted by Vanessa on 26th Mar 2018

    I recently started wearing a veil within the last month and this particular one received many compliments. Consider having clips sewn into all your veils, especially if you have a 2 year old toddler! My hair is very straight and having the sewn in clip helps tremendously. I would definitely purchase again.

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    black and silver chantilly infinity veil

    Posted by Anne on 2nd Mar 2018

    This veil is so gorgeous I can't wait to wear it. The lace is just stunning and the silver really dresses it up! It's perfect!

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    Black & Silver Metallic Chantilly Infinity Veil

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2018

    Absolutely gorgeous. Fine craftsmanship. It took a long time to get this, but it was worth the wait.