Be Healed

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Be Healed
Keeping before us the glory of our Lord's Resurrection, I want to share with you a beautiful book. It is about the deeper ways we can encounter the powerful love of Jesus in our lives.
As women who veil and have committed to answering the call to continual conversion, we may get to a point where we ask ourselves, "What now?" or "What more do you have for me, Lord?"
Some of us may even begin to experience significant difficulties, or what seem like setbacks in the spiritual life.
If this is you, I want to invite you to read "Be Healed."
Read an excerpt.
Become Who God Created You to Be
The title, Be Healed, is based in the belief that Jesus’ fundamental mission is to restore us to wholeness (see Lk 4:18–19; 1 Thes 5:23). Healing any part of us by necessity influences our entire being (CCC, 363–68). Whether you realize it or not, your physical illnesses, spiritual afflictions, and psychological infirmities are profoundly intertwined. This book helps you heal those wounds by going through a three part healing process. 
Bob Schuchts depicts these three stages of the healing process in the three parts of the book: part one, Encountering Jesus, part two, Facing Our Brokenness, and part three, Healing Our Wounds. The intention is to guide you into your own healing encounter with Jesus. To support that objective, Schuchts has been careful to ground the teaching in biblical truth, in keeping with the two-thousand-year-old healing tradition of the Church.

Editorial Reviews

"In Be Healed, Bob Schuchts takes the reader into the life of a changed man, sharing the story of how he received spiritual, psychological, and emotional healing. Our world, filled with brokenness and suffering, needs to experience the truth of Christ's healing power! Reading this book will begin that encounter with Jesus." - Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, Archbishop of Denver

"Be Healed is an invitation to encounter the Lord as your healer. Bob Schuchts writes with humility and compassion, imparting wisdom gained from a lifetime of discovery of what it means to be whole in Christ and how to invite others to receive God's healing presence. Be Healed will impart wisdom through real life stories, personal journey, and penetrating scriptural stories, all in an authentic Catholic context. Be Healed will open doors for you to look at life from the view of the Lord's passion to see you liberated from those things that hold you back from being the person you were created to be." - Neal Lozano, Author of Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance

"If you have struggled with physical and emotional issues, this book is for you. Be Healed will build hope and expectation that you can receive your healing. It takes a balanced approach to healing in Christ for the whole person and how you can live life to the fullest." - Gary Oates, Author of Open My Eyes, Lord

"This book deeply touched my heart and opened new levels of healing in my life. Whether you are just beginning your healing journey or have been walking this path for years, Be Healed will encourage, enlighten, challenge, and transform you in your encounter with Jesus Christ. I highly recommend it." - Sr. Miriam James Heidland, S.O.L.T., Author of Loved as I Am

"Be Healed will bring you into a deeper encounter with the Trinity and a new openness and freedom in every area of your life." - From the foreword by Rev. Mark Toups, Vicar general of the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux


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