Authentic Spanish Medallion Mantillas

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Available in black, white, beige, gray, navy, pale pink, wine purple, brown, moss green, black & pale rose, black & rose, black & fuchsia, black & purple, black & olive green black & gold, black & brown, black & green, white & gold (metallic) and white & silver (metallic), this elegant embroidered mantilla is made in Barcelona, Spain. This chapel veil is popular for its lovely drape and artful embroidery.

Approximately 46 inches across by 21-23 inches front to back, but measurements may vary slightly by dye lot.

Please note: the softest colors are white, off-white, gray, navy, pale pink, brown and moss green. Black, metallic colors, and color-on-black combinations tend to be slightly stiffer.

Protect your mantilla with a soft satin bag. Get more information about sewn-in combs and clips.

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  • 5
    Two beautiful veils

    Posted by Zitta on 16th Jul 2019

    With heartfelt thanks for the veils. They arrived on time and I was able to wear it to church for our 10th wedding anniversary which our priest blessed our marriage.. it was beautiful. Thank for allowing me to wear my white veil. Blessings to you all. Zitta Ferris

  • 5
    Beautiful veils

    Posted by Cynthia Deplitch on 25th Jun 2019

    I have been veiling for 5 years now. I first started wearing a veil after visiting The Shrine of The Most Blessed Sacrament in Alabama. Mother Angelica's home. My first veil was a simple triangle lace, that I don't even remember where I bought it from. I had the most terrible time keeping it on as there was no clips and I used little clips to pin it on with. I have bought many veils from you since that time, yet this is the first time I've left a review, and I deeply apologize for this. All my veils, and I have 17, are so beautiful. I receive compliments at Mass every weekend, and my reply has been to remind them we are all brides of Christ and St Paul tells us we should cover our heads. Veiling is a beautiful tradition that never should have stopped. I have just ordered my 2nd black & blue Spanish Camellia mantilla because I gave my first one away this past weekend at the Mass of Corpus Christi. Once again, I was approached by a woman who commented that she should start veiling also ( I'm the only one who veils every Mass ) and I asked her why she doesn't. She replied she didn't have a veil. I was instantly compelled to give her mine! So I did! She was in tears. I told her that now, since she has a veil, she can start wearing it. It was a very moving moment for both of us. I have left your cards that come with your veils on the book racks for other women to take with them, and they are always gone. I know they are being taken and considered by the other women, because I do occasionally see them with a veil. I'm known as the Eucharistic Minister who veils, and when I'm seen away from church, people double take because they aren't sure if it's their EM or not. I love my veils!

  • 5
    Amazing quality, beautiful color

    Posted by Katie on 18th May 2019

    I ordered the navy color with sewn metal hair comb. I have very thick hair and I am so glad I opted for the comb option. This is my first veil and I love wearing it whenever I am at church.

  • 3
    Beautiful, and a good size, but too stiff for my taste

    Posted by romancemom on 3rd Apr 2019

    This is the sixth or seventh veil I have gotten from Ceils by Lily, and I’m sad to say I’m a little disappointed in this one. I even checked the product descriptions, which indicated the black and metallic veils were stiffer than the other colors, but no such disclaimer was written for the white and metallic, which is what I bought. In addition, the edges look a little ravelly, though that might just be a factor of the embroidered lace on the tulle-like base fabric. It is still beautiful, but not quite what I was hoping for.

  • 5
    These are lovely mantillas. They are soft and the details are phenomenal

    Posted by Kay on 26th Mar 2019

    I have bought my 5th one yesterday. I am proud to wear these to Mass.

  • 5
    Beautiful and a great value

    Posted by Sofia Salerno on 27th Nov 2018

    I ordered this veil in the brown and black coloring and I was blown away when I opened up the package. The brown has a silky sheen that makes the lace pattern shine. Something that I did not expect is that this veil is a bit more stiff- which I prefer since it has a bit more body and makes a lovely draping effect. I also really like that the brown and black combo goes nicely with my chocolate brown hair :)

  • 5
    Authentic Spanish Medallion Mantilla

    Posted by Judith Kilpack on 6th Jul 2018

    I bought this as a confirmation gift for a young lady who is new to veiling. The veil itself is gorgeous, and my young friend is delighted with her gift.

  • 5

    Posted by Sharon Brann on 23rd Jun 2018

    Good quality

  • 5
    Spanish Medallion Mantilla

    Posted by Donna Wells on 31st May 2018

    Just ordered and received this mantilla in gray. The color is lovely, as is the mantilla craftsmanship. I now own an array of Veils by Lily and find all of them both beautiful and meaningful. It's very special to purchase veils from a company and owner that so clearly stand for the reason and faith behind veiling. Blessings on all.